The sounds of silence, like a cancer grows- this is why I write.

Hear my words that I might teach you, – the song continues as we listen to it echo -out its truth. Silence like a  cancer grows……

I write to free my body mind and spirit from the people places and things that I hold attachments too, that hinder my growth. The story that looms always on my mind, and within my heart. This wounded bird still sings… is what my writing brings. Letting out the words that I have held captive or found myself revolving round and round in. The twirling never ending battles that have no end in sight. Surrender, to truth is all I have left. The holding myself back from speaking my heart has been truly unfair of me to do to myself.  Silence like a cancer grows. My mother died from lung cancer. Mom was diagnosed -terminal and given three months to live when I was 20 years old.

Keeping silent not speaking or living from our true heart space creates unbalance within the body mind and soul. Silence -the key that turns the lock on the cancer gene. Where the holding back of truths, take the body, mind and spirit hostage as it begins its insidious decent into the dark caves of our inner most temple, where our truth lives.  Silence turns itself in the dark places, squeezing the inner light right out of us. This is why I write.

I had so very much  to be grateful for growing up. Yet the story I write has many sides. I sure wish I could leave out the wounded parts. But, what would be the point of writing if I left the truth and the core of my voice out. I know to this point in my life, I have struggled with silence and so far it has held me in its repeating patterns, that fill me with tears that fall at the drop of a hat, and they fill me with fear as I try to reach for memories not tainted somehow by something  that is laying dormant in my pain body to be exumed like dead bones.. digging up the bones of myself, body, heart and soul…I hurt and have felt abandoned, left, and ditched by life. While I have much to be grateful for, I also have much sadness and loss in my life. Since losing my mother, I have walked a very lonely road. My compass left this world much too soon. Depression flows in and out as I avoid the truths which hinder my light from leading me out into the world. Confusion lingers, in sadness I cry, weeping at lifes unfair happenings to me, a sweet girl.

Writing the stories right out of me, its what will heal my heart and close this chapter on my life. One written word at a time, doing the best that I can. Overcoming as I rid my life of the silence that like a cancer can grow. I know its personal root, that wrapped itself within my precious mother has a familiar calling that I will not allow any longer. Silence will not win, nor will it keep back the voice which calls forth to speak. Needing to be heard if only to myself, all in one perfect space, where I can lay it all to rest.

Silence took my mothers life. If the song is true. This is why I write.

Writing is the cure for  silence that lives within my body, writing will exume its roots and burn ‘it’ in the light of day. Shared and cared for in loves sweet light. This is why I’ll write, and write and write… healing is my right. None should ever ask for my light to be put out. As if it or I never existed. I have participated in many lives through the years, helping and absorbing all I could. Its my turn now, to let it out. Speaking  words which  turn the key to a productive new life. This is my right and  choice that works for me. I believe my writing not only helps me, but it helps others heal as much as myself. If you’re relating, than sweet soul, do not let the silence like a cancer grow,. Speak your truth… let it all out.  One word at a time ♥journey


Step 2 learning how to become fat adapted eating Low carb High fat..

To get into ketosis to burn  stored fat.. after you have brought yourself down to eating 20 carbs per day your body will enter ketosis- burning stored fat.. reducing our carbs and eating moderate amounts of protein and high fat will bring us to this beautiful place where burning fat that is stored will begin to melt like butter on a hot summers day.. if we follow the 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carb ratio per plate everyday.


This way of eating – LCHF- stops the cycle of cravings that high carb high protein eating brings..  within the ratios mentioned above our bodies burn optimally -effectively and easily.

If your daily intake follows these rules your body will let go of its stored fat easily and without any real effort other than eating correctly.  The effort comes when we go to the grocery store and locate the correct foods that work together to produce fat burning -rather than sugar burning.

High Fat Eating is healthy– its time to include real butter in our diets

This way of eating is based on high fat in every meal we eat.  Do not fear the fat! Embrace the fat! The good fats are real butter, coconut oil and olive oil that work to produce the best results easily and effortlessly. Ketosis happens when we include fats in high amounts up to 90% per meal for some people. So fat is truly our friend. Ketosis helps us burn our stored fat! How tasty is that! How fun this will be when you begin adding fats to your plate with every meal you eat.

Protein in moderation looks like 3 to 6 ounces per meal on your plate. Although in the first few weeks of eating low carb high fat they say don’t  be concerned with how much of the zero carb meats we eat until we find our magic amounts of protein that allows us to walk away from the table feeling satisfied. So with that being said eat till full providing your plate has the proper ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs and you will go a long way to losing the stored fat your body has been holding onto. I use the dashboard to keep track of my food intake so that I know what my food ratio’s look like and to stay on track in the early weeks of eating low carb high fat. My fitness pal – has a food tracker as well I would suggest using an online tracker for a month so you can know whether your ratios are properly aligning with the plan you’re setting out to keep daily.- Only issue I have with my fitness pal is that when you fill out the numbers they tell you how much of each catergory to eat.. they base their information on the American diet food pyramid.. which is not what we low carb high fat eaters follow anymore.. so please do not adhere to their numbers.. please follow the 75% fat 20% protein and 5% carbs that this way of eating calls for. The fitbit dashboard does not tell you what or how to eat you simply log and follow your own formula which is what we need to do as LCHF eaters.

Exercise within the first two weeks of eating LCHF it has been suggested to not overdo exercise while your body is already working hard to switch from a sugar burner to the Fat burning machine you soon will become if you follow strictly the rules stated above.  Exercise in moderation if at all for the first two weeks. Once your body has adapted to the fat burning machine every movement that you make will create movement within your body and you will notice daily the results if you adhere to the rules.

What does one eat to get into ketosis..? Example.. meats in there natural state are zero carb.. so make sure your plate has at least 3-6 ounces on your plate and more if you need more but if you eat more meat you will also have to add more fat as the fat ratio needs to be above the protein always..and the carbs which consist of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, spring mixed greens, lettuce or spinach for examples. Make sure you cook your meats in real butter and olive oil or coconut oil fat is our friend and does not spike insulin to the levels that carbs or proteins do. Fats keep us full for a very long time and once fat adapted you will find your caloric intake begins to go down to around on average 1400 calories a day.  Thus losing weight becomes very easy. If you eat a ratio plate consistently your success is on the way.. ❤

Eat meat, fish, poultry with the skin and fats on… enjoy the fats on your meats of all kinds providing they are zero carb..eggs and bacon are our friend and so is butter and olive oils.. sour creams and full fat whipping cream in our coffee keep us on an even keel for a very long time.

The rule is to look at packages and note the carbohydrate values for everything you eat or drink.. if that carb number is below 5 g you can enjoy it providing you keep to your 20 carbs and under a day goal to stay in ketosis.. burning fat.. every meal plate if you want success will also have around 5 grams per plate.. including snacks.. this way of eating is a serious and viable plan that allows you to lose significant weight and feel great while doing so.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist this is the plan I follow with great success.. I have found lots of help by googling LCHF on youtube and online..Dr Tim Noakes is a leader in this field I would also watch anything by him.

Here is a calculator that will give you your macronutrients needed per day according to your gender, age and lifestyle.. Keto calculator click here

This lifestyle is about learning a brand new way and no longer listening to the old food pyramid or the information that might tell you that eating fat will give you a heart attack.. NOT TRUE… ❤ If you google LCHF and if you watch anything by this doctor you will understand what I am saying to be true.. and if you apply the steps into your daily life. If I can help you can find me on Facebook at ListeningHeart Kim – Low carb high fat Alchemist

Low-Carb High-Fat Lifestyle ~ Alchemy for the body ~


I am currently following “The Low-carb High-fat lifestyle”. I am at present 23 days into eating low-carb high-fat, forgoing all things white, vegetables grown underground are off limits as their carbohydrates are much more than grown above ground varieties such as broccoli, kale, spinach and green beans. Legumes of all variety are off the list as well. Beans are very high in carbohydrates you’ll understand as you read why this matters. Bread, potatoes to are gone gone gone! Don’t look back for that bread fix, it will be what sets you up for the downfall that happens, while consuming too many carbohydrates within a day for your height and weight, as well as amount of movement that your body moves through in a day matters to this over-all lifestyle. Ice cream and berries, fruits of all kinds are not on the list for very good reasons. Fruits are carbohydrate full! To a person who suffers insulin resistance like I do, eating those things only set me up to fail!

I am following guidelines that I found on the website. There is a great deal of information to be found on that site. I hope you find the information there that will help you decide to cross over to a new way of living!

What I have found thus far 23 days into this new journey is that food – “real food” heals!
Depression has been the progressive deterioration of my soul as it affected everything about me. Depression for me the cycle that never came to an end! No pill ever helped me feel good about myself or less stressed or calm. The only thing that doctors offered me to heal were prescriptions which my made my depression worse by day! This lifestyle of LCHF has firstly given me back my brain! The good fats are working to give my brain the boosting it has needed to repair what was going wrong inside of it! The brain is 60% fat according to Dr. Mercola’s website.

Depression symptoms have left me and I am stunned at just how wonderful I feel eating LCHF daily and following the guidelines I read at as my gauge.

Within the first week following the cold turkey method, I lost 7 pounds! Water weight had no choice but to be gone as I drank more water than I had been! Water in equals more water out!

I have also read to add extra salt when beginning this lifestyle. The kidneys remove lots of salt as the body does all that it needs to do to heal and find a balance. We must stop looking at the food pyramid taught to us, and begin noticing what the new research offers as the new way to eat! If the kidneys are removing water and salt, it means we must add it back in, and more… not the opposite at all. They speak as high as 5000 g a day. Not the 2400 as is the norm. So this lifestyle has its reasons for suggesting these tips and adjustments to what we have understood before doctors and scientist really knew! See when we know better we certainly can do better! I know you’re already tap dancing saying I cannot have more salt in my diet are you crazy!!! Here is what I say to that! Go read the http://www.dietdoctor site if you want to the real truth in simple terms. You’ll find it there. They have so much valuable information there!

In my second week, I lost another 3 pounds! I am now at 10 pounds down and feeling amazing! Now that my water weight has been pushed out, and my body has adapted to the fat burning machine I want it to be, by eating LCHF – my exercising which is moderate rebounding and hula hooping along with walking; I am finding less Jiggle.. feeling strong from the inside out!

The pain I had been experiencing which could be likened to fibromyalgia complaints points of pain pockets that would spring up out of nowhere unless I took black strap molasses to help! I am now without pain, I am also no longer suffering from cold tipped fingers and toes! My hair is growing and my nails are gonna be grand! As I was a nail biter and no longer even consider them at all! My stressors are not affecting me! My anxieties are more about conditionings that I am learning to overcome. Now that my brain is being fueled properly I can now function without falling to a million pieces over everything!

Did I mention I am only 23 days in! It’s a joyous ride for me! I’ll be writing more and more about my experiences and sharing them.

The LCHF lifestyle is to me- Alchemy for the body ~ Which will transform your entire being!

One lovely step at a time. I hope what I’ve written will help you decide whether this could be something for you as well.

Much Love Always ❤

If you find yourself in a meeting with a sensitive soul-


I am learning a great deal of information about the life that I am living. The nuances of being the sensitive soul that I am; i’ve come to understand that I am perfectly Okay as I am. As the sensitive soul, I often touch other sensitive souls, and together we dance the dance that often times, turns up the earth under our feet. Not all souls, are as sensitive as I. When I meet another who is like myself the meeting can sometimes twist the light, or obscure the truth. Sensitive souls, are sometimes hard to navigate.

Yet the sun shines on everyone, still…

Today i’m sitting quite content. Listening to soft beautiful and relaxing music. Its what I do when life has shown up, and offered me, much to much, afternoon worldly delights. Its sometimes hard for me to fit into the system the world has created. There are rules and laws and things we all have to follow. I’m unwinding from an overwhelming – ‘for me’ Life, rule that could not be put off. Of which when I can, and am released will speak about. Until then… as i’ve said i’m a sensitive soul. There are reasons for this. Being a tender hearted soul has its hardships that tender hearts can find difficult to endure. Today, I am gifting myself with soft gentle and easy music, that will repair the shock ‘absorbed’ within this body, mind and spirit- ‘me’.

Standing up, or speaking up while working within the dynamics of this world for sensitive souls can be quite disturbing. If you find yourself in a meeting with a sensitive soul, give them grace, and as much space as they need to share and be heard. All voices matter. Kindness matters. Listening matters. Learning matters.

There is indeed an art to living, and becoming… at 51, -I am still discovering all the beautiful nuances that make me, me.

Learning to be ok as a sensitive soul- There is an art to everything under the sun…

My Identity Krinkled into a million tiny krinkles with lots of little krinkles, krinkling in my krinkled up mind.

– I worked as a nurses aid – my first job. No experience or any sort of experience needed back in 1979.I loved working with elders at that time of my life. I had a kind demeanor, gentle with older folks. I was the one you would find sitting around the kitchen counter, or sitting alongside the older woman in the family, listening to their stories and witnessing there comraderie not fully understanding just how beautiful those moments, and memories would become one day, like today.

– I loved my job, the people I cared for. The first event that would lead to a krinkle in my identity.
I had become accustomed to the floor and the level of care I gave to the residents at the nursing home. The Director of the home decided she was about to switch all the floors up, and switch all the people working, and mix it all up to give everyone a chance to work all levels of care and with new staff. – I was sitting in the directors office begging her to not switch me off my floor. I was comfortable there, I knew my patients and how to care for them, but the people on other floors- to me where hard to work with, they scared me. I begged, to no avail. She said, it has to be done.

– I went to lunch that day and never returned. No call back either. Krinkle krinkle krinkle, I had a car I had to pay for, insurance, I was use to having a bit o’ cash and well, was in high school and needed a job.

– I had dissapointed myself so badly that day. I knew though that I could not switch up on that day, in the way the director needed. I had no idea that I had anxieties or what those where, I just knew I had to explain to my mother, that I walked out on a good paying job. I had bills, my parents would not pay for. My choice, my responsibility.

– I searched for a new job, found one at the Jewish Home, – I loved it and the staff. I remember being called smiley. The residents loved me, there too. I was a good nurses aid. I was kind, and gentle. I would pay attention to the small details that I felt mattered even back then.

-I was a highschool student attending a regional vocational highschool out in the country, where school feels nothing like a city school felt like, that I grew up in. We moved into the country from the city when I was entering 9th grade.

– We moved to the country. My grand mother gifted my mother a house. She gifted everyone a home of their own and some land to go along with it. We had been living in the city house where the family homestead and business was located, on top of a hill overlooking from a birds eye view the river which ran through the city and into the country where we moved too. Assonet, a beautiful town. I spent my whole life walking that land, and moving next to the footsteps of my grandmother, aunts, uncles cousins, who all lived and visited the family estate/woods for ever and ever along with a shore which we enjoyed for years on end. Sailboating, canoeing, swimming and water tubing up and down that beautiful river.

– We lived an amazing life in that we had freeom to be outdoors when the weather was good, 3 seasons out of the year and the cold months were spent writing, working, chatting on the phone, talking with mom or with dad, visiting with family babysitting, and entertaining a boyfriend who was a friend of my boyfriend who went off into the army.

– A charmed life for sure. If you were someone viewing our lives from afar, you would think we had the world by the royal cookies.{ Krinkle krinkle krinkle} … this was not true. I’ll be back to write some more, taking a short little mind break so I can breathe myself back to life. This writing takes a lot out of me, while I connect with the thoughts that come up and out of me.

Knock Knock Knock… who goes there?

Personally I don’t wish to be anyone other than who I am. I do not wake up each day to offend anyone. knockknockI get up, and do what only I can do within each day that belongs to me. I have these voices still playing their records over and over again in my head. Demons for sure, as they try to tangle themselves all tight up inside of me… I so wish I could simply erase the images, feelings, and attachments to who what where or when. I don’t sit up waiting on a moment in time where some ugly demon surfaces its head. I go about living and breathing, and doing my best with the life that has been given me. When my boundaries are breached, you’ll surely hear me screach… sorry folks, sorry whoever… or whatever you think you are. Get off of me already. Let me go! Your story is not mine. Mine is mine, and if you enter my space you had better respect me or i’ll toss you away. I will not allow you, or you or anyone to further depreciate me any further than has already been done. Go find your own mirrors, mine is already blinding me! Get off and out of my space. Go figure yourself out, then maybe we can sit together. Until then, seeing eye to eye will not likely be. So go, go go away from me. Take all you’re trifflings with you that don’t belong to me. I carry enough damn stories inside of me. Now to dump them, one word at a time until I feel satisfied. If I cannot be heard, I will write to myself and figure it all out. This is me and how I learn. One little brave word at a time. I will listen to me. That is enough. I’ve figured it out. It my job to dump it, to surrender it all… dropping one little word at a time… till i’m spent and feel i’ve left it in a space to be heard. This is me. Leave me be. I’m perfectly alright living as I do, providing the stressors stop knocking on my door. Knock Knock Knock… who goes there? Me, Me, me… want to be heard. Take me as I am ❤ Or Leave me Be ❤ This is the true me.

Greetings 2015 I’m Here, Ready To Write

Greetings friends who love to write. I’m here also, alongside of you. Writing every thought that crosses my mind. This is how I use my voice. One lovely written word at a time. I am working on streamlining myself, gathering myself in from all the places and spaces of my world. Sharing it here for others to view, in hopes my words inspire something in you.